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I haven’t done much baking lately, so I don’t have much to post about. My sister made an awesome birthday cake for me a couple weeks ago. I did a cake tasting for the second wedding cake I’m doing this summer. It wasn’t nearly as involved as the last one – only 3 flavors of cake (no marble), and a few fillings. They wanted strawberry cake. The last time I made that, I added strawberry oil to a normal white cake, but it tasted quite artificial. This time I tried a new product from my local cake lady. It’s about the consistency of jam, and you just add it to the batter. You can add as much as you like. It’s got really fruit in it, so you end up with chunks of strawberry. The flavor is so much better than with the oil. My hubby raved about it–I think it’s his new favorite cake flavor. The best part is that they have all sorts of fruit flavors available, so I could make a pineapple or banana or raspberry cake (or I’m sure others, but that’s all I remember). I made cupcakes from the left over batter, but didn’t think to get a picture of those either. I hope to do some more baking soon–I like decorating cakes, but the baking part is pretty boring. Both of us are trying to eat healthier though, so it’s hard to do much baking!

A post just isn’t as much fun without a picture, so just for the heck of it, here are my cute kitties, Rooster

and Jack


Wildtype Cake

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I finally made a cake I’ve been contemplating for a while…for years really. The nursery I work for has a fun logo that we use on T-shirts and such:

I’ve always thought this picture could pass as a caricature of sorts of my boss.  Anyway, I’ve always thought it would be fun to drawn/pipe this on a cake.  Well Wednesday was my boss’s 50th birthday, so I thought it was finally high time to do the cake.  Though I decided to go a little beyond piping it on:

It wasn’t exactly what I imagined (I wasn’t going to do a sheet cake underneath, but one I carved the tree, there wasn’t much cake left to feed the nursery crew!).  Overall I was really happy with how it turned out.  I even put the little bird on, holding on for dear life.

My boss was really pleased with it–he loved that I made oak leaves and everything (I just used a cookie cutter, and I forgot to put on acorns, but he liked it anyway).  It was definitely one of the most fun cakes I’ve done recently.

Birthday apron

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Look what I got in the mail yesterday….

I had been eyeing this on Etsy for a while.  I mentioned it to my awesome sisters, and they got it for me for my birthday.  🙂  Thanks girls!

I wanted to start baking as soon as I got it, but didn’t manage much.  I did bake a cake today (wearing the new apron of course!) for my boss’s birthday on Wednesday.  I’m hoping to do a version of the company logo (which is way cooler than it sounds).  I will definitely post pictures if it turns out how I hope.

It’s finally feeling like spring here, which means syrup season is about done.  I should be back to one job soon, so I’ll have a little more time for everything else.  I’m so glad it’s finally warming up!

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